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Business Planning Mastery: The Ultimate Guide to Real Business Results

Use my simple Strategic Plan template and learn the exact formula that helped me grow my retail business from $389k to over $2.2 million annually.

🚀 Real Results: Learn how to adapt a strategic plan used by multi-million-dollar companies to turn your dream payday into reality.

🚀 Practical Approach: follow 9 simple lessons with a handy Google Spreadsheet template that's fully customizable, guiding the process.

🚀 Proven Success: Use a methodology followed by more than 300 business owners to create an effective strategy to get more sales and more profit.

🚀 Forego the useless, wordy business plans that everyone says you need but you've never used.

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Unlock Your Business Potential

Success Blueprint: 30-60-90 Day Digital Planner - ONLY $7.99This is the perfect companion to the Strategic Plan! Make every day count with this easy-to-use planner. Map out challenges and brainstorm solutions for a 3-month period. Then, use a monthly and daily calendar to create actionable steps. Lastly, each week there's a page to celebrate wins and make adjustments to your plan.

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Who is Amanda Bedell and Why Should She Coach You?

In 2010 I wrote a business plan for a gluten free bakery that I launched in 2012. That plan was MASSIVE and well researched, I would have got an A+ in any business class but there's one problem.

It was completely useless.

I launched the bakery out of a single farmers market booth and bootstrapped it to multiple seven figures with distribution along the west coast while managing 15 employees and three shifts 7-days a week.

I never looked at that business plan (except one time to say, "oh look, how cute is that! 😉")

This strategic plan has everything that I found helpful back then AND, now after teaching it to over 300 businesses, it's streamlined and simplified to contain only the most important pieces needed surpass the $3-million mark.

Don't just take my word for it...

Take A Look At What These Business Owners Had To Say


"Amanda, your capacity to zero in on areas for improvement in a clear, engaging manner ensures client follow up on your insights and recommendations. Your approachable style backed up with personal experience, is worth its weight in gold. In less than a year of partnering with you, we've uncovered immediate strategies that have enhanced efficiency and profits. Your guidance has empowered me to evolve as a business owner, foresee potential challenges, and challenge my assumptions, thus creating a more resilient company."


Amanda is just brilliant - she is so insightful and has a way of seeing straight to the core of the issue. When I meet with Amanda, I always come away inspired, with a better, bigger perspective, and with a number of great ideas and solutions. If you get a chance to work with her, don't miss it!


I had so many things on my plate that it was hard to focus on moving forward in my business. I needed help knowing what to focus on and what would take us to the next level. I made a connection with Amanda, and I liked her message. I know enough about business and marketing to know she is the real deal. Amanda and her programs push me to keep moving ahead and get to the next level. She helped my team and me focus on specific strategies that have made a HUGE difference in cash flow. It was awesome to have someone to call who I know will give me great business advice.


Amanda is a results-driven, human-centered professional. In the time I have been working with her, not only have I gotten clarity on my path, but she has also provided me with the tools that will ensure long-term success. She is accountable and pushes you to the limits you are more than capable of achieving. She also provides groups with a safe environment to be their best selves.

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